My Shamanic training takes me across the globe and into other realities as I walk my path to deepen my knowledge and teachings as I share them with clients and students.  If you have questions about my training, please contact me.  I am happy to share my experiences. 

- Inner Circle Member of the Foundation for Shamanic Studies

- Member of Shamanic Teachers

-Member of The Society for Shamanic Practitioners

Meet Kelly

​I am going to share with you who I am, with the understanding I am intending to build a relationship with you. You will come to know this work is not about me.  My shamanic practice and the spiritual teaching I do is intended to help everyone remember their gifts and have the freedom to use them.  You can embrace being present with who you truly are while feeling happiness, love and purpose on your life journey.  It is an honor to be part of your journey. 

I am Dr. Kelly DeRuvo, Shamanic Practitioner, Family Systems and Constellations Facilitator, Reiki Master and teacher.  I am a Harner Shamanic Counseling Facilitator and a licensed Physical Therapist.  I am also certified in crystal healing.  I have, and will continue to study healing practices throughout the world; integrating indigenous wisdom and rich culture into my practice.  With compassion and understanding I work to achieve the most appropriate physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual benefits for my clients.  I approach each healing task with integrity, adhering to ethical guidelines and boundaries. 

My Journey

In 2004, I earned my doctorate in Physical Therapy from Simmons College after obtaining a BS in health and exercise science at Syracuse University.  Since then, I have been embracing my soul's purpose and expanding the depth and breadth of what I offer.  As a Physical Therapist, my focus has been on orthopedics, manual therapy and dry-needling. As a Shamanic Practitioner I hold space as a conduit for profound knowledge and healing so others may walk in their truth with love and joy.  I work with souls of all ages and descriptions including the earth, animals, elements of nature and shadow.

Walking my spiritual path with guides, teachers and helpers compelled me to create Evolving Healing Arts.  The ultimate benefit of this work is that when clients open their hearts to healing, others receive healing as well. 

My journey continues to be humbling, joyous, and evolving. I am grateful.

-Namaste ​