Imagine living in a world where everyone is free to live in and share their joy.  Imagine a world where people didn't lie, cheat, or steal because they genuinely didn't want to.  A world where all people act with the highest integrity, sincerity and love.  Now, believe that it is possible, because it is. Many of the negative thoughts, feelings and health issues people deal with can be from a loss of personal power.

The daily loss of power is a common occurrence for most people.  We want to please our boss, spouse, children, our false-self or our ego, we want to do-the-right-thing.  Everyone goes through this to a varying degree.  People have responsibilities that take our time and energy.  Whenever we participate in a conversation, a project, or an experience we don't genuinely believe in or desire, we give our power away.

It is part of the energy we exchange during our daily lives. In our culture the most common energy exchange is money.  If I told you that whenever you did this you would lose $100 from your bank account, you want to stop that as soon as possible, right?  It is the same thing for our body and our soul. The energy bank gets withdrawn from without a deposit being made.  This is why we feel those effects magnified internally, it is literally draining. Choosing to honor yourself is choosing to hold onto your power. 

By harnessing our personal power and living as our authentic selves, we have the ability to cultivate a better world that will fulfill our needs and the needs of our communities. We can move through life without constantly withdrawing from our personal energy bank.  

Living an authentic life is its own reward. It really works. When we raise our vibration (the energy you function in), we attract higher vibrations in our surroundings. As we heal and deepen our connection with ourselves, the things that do not serve us will fall away, creating more room for joy and abundance. 



The time to heal our past and future is always available if we are willing to be present for it to happen. 

Evolving Healing Arts was created with intention to nurture physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being by providing services based on the needs of the client.  The services and classes offered  empower you for your highest good. 

We will work together utilizing Shamanic healing, Reiki, crystal healing, spiritual counseling, and systems constellations to bring positive change to your life. 

Services are available locally or long distance.  Varying global locations expand our community of healing and knowledge. This empowers our intention to make the earth we share a more unified place.

Evolving Healing Arts was created by me, Dr. Kelly DeRuvo.  My experience as a Physical Therapist  and Shamanic Practitioner has given me understanding of the seen and unseen factors that influence our lives.  By acknowledging and transforming the layers of what has manifested, I have been effective helping clients heal and live in the freedom of their best selves.