Soul retrieval is a shamanic healing process by which parts of your soul that have been lost are returned and integrated into you so you can by more present in your life. It is beautiful and life-affirming to stand in your power after welcoming home a part of who you are.

After an event or a series of events occur that injure us spiritually, physically or emotionally, the loss of a soul part can occur. In shamanism, the part of the soul that leaves has been injured by what has taken place. Soul loss can occur at any age, from various life events and experiences.  Soul loss is different for everyone and what causes it in someone, may not for someone else.

Soul Retrieval  


These losses can be caused from the passing of a loved one, the end of a relationship, a car accident, physical trauma, emotionally or physically abusive relationships, interactions with ourselves or others that result in a part of our spirit leaving our physical body and a loss of personal power.  An important thing to remember is soul loss is relevant to the person who is suffering from it, it is not defined by level of trauma incurred.

An example of this would be if someone were involved in a car accident and cannot recall the details even if they were awake.  The part of their soul that absorbed the trauma left and took the memory of the event with it.  The results can be a "spaced out" feeling, suffering memory loss, alienation, disconnection with our lives or families, sensing a void within us. 

Soul loss does not have to be related to a major life event.  The daily inner dialogue and verbal communication with another person can cause soul loss.  For example, an adventurous child who loves to climb trees is always being told to not to climb a tree, the adventurous part of that child's soul may leave.  If a person repeatedly tells themselves in the mirror that their body isn't good enough, those thought forms are reinforcing a negative belief that may result in soul loss. 

These losses can create emotional illness, drug abuse, physical illness.  In shamanism when there is separation of the soul part, it creates a void of energy, potential opportunity for other energies to occupy that space.   The manifestation of symptoms is our soul's way of calling out for healing. Depression is a symptom of soul loss. One can experience loss of interest, anger, internalized sadness and grief.  Physical symptoms of soul loss can be a chronic injury, compromised immune system, systemic disease, coma or death.  Often, people are not aware of these losses as they move in and out of dysfunctional relationships, drug and alcohol use, hyper or hyposexuality and other behaviors they engage in an attempt to fill the void from soul loss. 

By receiving soul retrieval, the negative affects can be diminished and reversed, illnesses cured, pain relieved. Meaningful healing can occur and connection with self re-established.  It is the role of the shamanic practitioner to bridge the gap for a member of the community suffering from this illness.