Space Clearing & Blessing 

A home, office or community shared space is filled with energy. 

The spaces we live in, work in and  congregate in have  their own energy.  The ground  they are built on, the intention during the building process and the  materials themselves have energy.  After a space is constructed the energy is influenced by the people spending time in it, the activities taking place in the space and what gets left behind in that space.  

Living, working and sharing space in a place that is clear of negativity, energy that doesn't belong, possible entities or lost souls  is important for the wellbeing of those occupying a space.  

The energy of a family, business or community can be improved by healing or clearing a space as well as performing rituals specific to the space itself, to bring the energy of the space into alignment.  

A new home or business can be cleared and blessed to bring the best outcome for the space and everyone in it.